♪Look on the bright side. – 物は考えよう




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

I dropped my iPod nano in water. That was a real disaster. A friend of mine, who was right there with me when that happened, just looked at me and said “oops…”. That was really an oops kind of thing. But she is a very optimistic person. She said: Well… Look on the bright side. Now you can justify getting a new one. Oh well. She was right. And she is genius when it comes to looking on the bright side.

To look on the bright side. Are you familiar with the expression? It means to think positive, so to speak. If you’re good at looking on the bright side, you’re good at finding good things in a bad situation.

Let’s say, you got into a road accident and you missed an important business meeting. You’re upset. But hey, look on the bright side: Nobody was killed or injured.

Now, would you like to try a quiz? I’ll read three sentences. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is true. Ready?

If you always look on the bright side of life,
1. You’re a perfectionist.
2. You’re a pessimist.
3. You’re an optimist.



iPod nano を水没させてしまいました(T_T) とんだ災難です。その場に居合わせた友人は、ちらっと私の顔を見て、「やっちまったねー」と言いました。まさしく「やっちまった」的シチュエーションです。ところがこの友人、とてもとても楽天的な人なのです。で、こう言った。「でもさ、”物は考えよう”よ。新しいのに買い換える理由ができたじゃない! 」


さて。物は考えよう。英語ではしばしばlook on the bright sideという表現を使います。いわゆるプラス思考というやつです。look on the bright sideというのは「悪い状況で良い局面を見いだす」という意味なのです。

例えば、交通事故に巻き込まれたとします。おかげで大事な商談を欠席してしまいました。ほんとに腹立たしい(-_-;)でも!Look on the bright side、死傷者がなかっただけまし、不幸中の幸いだ。みたいな感じです。



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