With their sleeves rolled up — 大はりきり

お花屋さんの店頭にカーネーションがちらほら…。そう、今週末は母の日です 皆さんはもうプレゼント を用意しましたか?まだ何を贈ったらよいか悩んでいるなら、今年はこんなプレゼントはいかがでしょう?

 On the second Sunday in May, all children, young and old, treat their mothers to something special1 to show how much they appreciate2 their mothers. It’s Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is held worldwide, although when and how to celebrate the day are different by country3.

 In Japan, carnations are typically given to mothers, a red one if your mother is alive and a white one if she has died. Why carnations? Do you know the origin4? A florist conspiracy5? Oh, no. That’s not the case6.

 The tradition of carnations was started in the United States. Once upon a time, a woman named Anna Jarvis distributed white carnations at church service7 to commemorate8 the day her mother died. The tradition has carried on9 and a carnation has become the symbol of Mother’s Day.

 Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, as many people take their mothers out for dinner. Young children often get busy in the kitchen with their sleeves rolled up10. The ways may be different, yet the idea is still the same. We don’t want Moms to cook dinner on this day.


 日本では母の日にカーネーションを贈る習慣があります。お母さんが健在なら赤、故人であれば白。なぜカーネーションなのでしょう。その由来、ご存知ですか? 花屋の陰謀? まさか… そんなんじゃありません。



We worked in the kitchen with our sleeves rolled up.

スペインと言えば情熱的なフラメンコが有名ですね バラを口にくわえて踊る姿が思い出されますが、実はフラメンコの花といえばカーネーションで、口にくわえることもなく、髪に飾って踊るそうです そういえば、フラメンコのドレスの裾って、カーネーションみたいですよね

  1. treat A to B…A(人)にB(何か)をごちそうする、贈呈する
  2. appreciate…感謝する、ありがたく思う
  3. different by country…国によって異なる
  4. origin…起源、由来
  5. conspiracy…陰謀
  6. not the case…(事実と)違う
  7. church service…礼拝
  8. commemorate…~を記念する、しのぶ、追悼する
  9. carry on…継続する、維持される
  10. with one’s sleeve rolled up…腕まくりをして、本腰を入れて
  11. スペインの他、モナコやホンジュラスでも国花になっています。



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