a piece of cake — 楽勝

昨夜のクロアチア戦。またしても残念デシタ 楽勝、とはいきませんでしたね…でも、まだ望みはある。ブラジル戦で奇跡を期待しましょう

 The month of June is named after the Roman goddess Juno. And Juno is a goddess of marriage. Thus1, a bride who gets married in June is said to have a happy marriage.

 Unfortunately, some marriages become lifeless as time goes by, like that of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It’s a movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

John and Jane Smith are an ordinary couple, happily married but now in marriage counseling. Each of them has a secret. They are actually assassins2 working for competing organizations and they’re hired to assassinate each other. Ironically3, and sure enough4, once the secret is out, they’re reconciled5 and fight against their former employers. Two versus several dozens of former compatriots6, odds are against7, but Brangelina must win. When Pitt asks how things look like, Jolie says “a piece of cake8“.

 My rating is “a little predictable9“, but if you like Brangelina and a highway chase, you might like it.





This job is a piece of cake.


  1. thus…そういうわけで
  2. assassin…暗殺者
  3. ironically…皮肉にも
  4. sure enough…案の定
  5. reconcile…仲直りさせる、和解させる、仲裁する
  6. compatriot…同胞、仲間
  7. odds are against…分が悪い
  8. a piece of cake…楽勝、朝飯前
  9. predictable…予測できる、話の先が見える



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