under your very nose — ほんの鼻先



 I was picking up1 my room and found an old book. It’s Someone Like You, an award-winning collection of short-short stories written by Roald Dahl. I definitely recommend this book, if you haven’t read it. All stories are very short, simple and absolutely fun to read. For example, Lamb to the Slaughter is no more than 10 pages long.

 When Mary Maloney’s husband came home from work, he told the pregnant2 wife he had something to tell her. Mary heard it, got upset, and hit him in the back of his head with a frozen leg of lamb. She put the murder weapon in the oven and cooked it. Destruction of evidence3, so to speak4…. When the police officers came to the house for investigation5, she appreciated their hard work and served them dinner. One of the officers, as he took a bite6 of his roasted lamb, told his colleagues7 that the weapon should still be in the house, might be right under their very noses8.

 And when she heard the conversation, she giggled9 and I like it.

 部屋の片付けをしていたら、古い本が1冊出てきました。『Someone Like You(あなたに似た人)』。ロアルド・ダールの短編集で、有名な文学賞も取っています。まだ読んでいない人には絶対お奨めの1冊です。どの作品もとっても短く、シンプルで、内容もすごくおもしろい。例えば、『Lamb to the Slaughter(おとなしい凶器)』など、ほんの10ページ程度の作品です。



The murder weapon was right under their very noses.


It’s just a few seconds walk from here.
It’s just around the corner.


  1. pick up…整頓する、片付ける
  2. pregnant…妊娠中の
  3. destruction of evidence…証拠隠滅
  4. so to speak…言わば
  5. investigation…捜査
  6. take a bite…一口食べる
  7. colleague…同僚
  8. under one’s (very) nose…ほんの鼻先で、目の前で
  9. giggle…忍び笑う



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