Just the way you are — 素顔のままで

皆さんはミュージカル、見たことがありますか? 最近では、「We will rock you」など、ヒット曲で構成されたミュージカルがブロードウェイで人気だそうです。で、今年の夏、日本に上陸する「Movin’ Out」。劇中には一切のセリフがなく、バラードからロックまでビリー・ジョエルのヒット曲♪とエネルギッシュなダンスで構成されてるとか

 We’ve been hearing a lot about Billy Joel recently. Don’t you think? For instance, his “The Ultimate Collection” was released last month. The musical “Movin’ Out” has been heavily promoted. On top of that1, he is coming back to Japan in November as part of the world tour.

 In fact, many of his songs are good for practicing English. They are easy to pick up and sing as he uses simple words and sentences. You can improve your English and expand your karaoke repertoire2 at the same time.

 My favorite is “Just The Way You Are” which won Grammy awards in 1978 for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. It’s not exactly an idiom, but certainly a good expression to learn for romantic occasions. Don’t go changing to try and please me. You never let me down3 before. Don’t go trying some new fashion. Don’t change the color of your hair. I love you just the way you are. Wow….

 Well, the expression can be used for things rather than people. For example, instead of saying you love someone just the way he or she is, you can say you like something just the way it is. The thing you like can be anything, ranging from4 how to knot5 a tie to how to arrange the furniture, or to how to organize your filing cabinet.

 So, if you are too shy to use it for your girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can always try it for something else!

 Well, This time I spoke a little bit faster than usual for extra challange. I hope you’d hear the whole skit. If not, don’t worry. Just try again.

 ここ最近、ビリー・ジョエルの話題をよく耳にすると思いませんか? 「ビリー・ザ・ヒッツ」がリリースされたのは先月だし、ミュージカル「ムーヴィン・アウト」のコマーシャルもよく目にするし。そこへもってきて、11月にはワールドツアーの一環として来日する予定とのこと。





I love you just the way you are.



  1. on top of that…その上、それに加えて
  2. repertoire…レパートリー
  3. let ~ down…~(人)を失望させる、~(人)の期待を裏切る
  4. range from A to B…AからBに至るまで
  5. knot…結ぶ



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