back to square one — 振り出しに戻る

「振り出しに戻る」というと、すごろくを思い出しませんか?すごろくの出発点(ひとマス目)のことを、「square one」というそうです。今日はこの「square one」を使ったフレーズを紹介します

 Do you enjoy overseas television dramas, such as ER, Sex and the City, Friends, Twenty-Four…. They are all quite addictive1 and often keep you awake around-the-clock2. Myself? I once got hooked on3 Agatha Christie’s Poirot. It’s British production and now available on DVD.

 Last weekend, I watched one of the earliest episodes titled Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I won’t tell you how the story goes because it’s a mystery. But nevertheless, I have to give you a phrase to learn…. So here’s one!

 It’s a murder case4. And Monsieur Poirot and his associate5 Captain Hastings had several suspects6 in mind. But at some point in the story, they all turned out to be innocent. Captain Hastings disappointedly says, “Well, it brings us back to square one“.

“Going back to square one7” means going back to the very beginning and starting all over again. You often hear this phrase in a detective story8.

I certainly recommend the series for good story and clean English. They are shorter than two-hour feature films, so you can enjoy on weekday evenings, too. So, try and see. But don’t sit up9 too late!

 海外のテレビドラマ、見てますか? ER とか Sex and the City とか Friends とか Twenty-Four とか…。こういうシリーズ物はやみつきになります。おかげで徹夜、なんてこともしばしばです。私は以前、(アガサ・クリスティーの)『名探偵ポワロ』にハマリました。これは英国の作品で、DVDも出ています。



 Going back to the square one は「出発点に戻って一からやり直す」という意味で、推理小説などではよく耳にするフレーズです。


We have to go back to square one.



  1. addictive…やみつきになる、中毒になりやすい
  2. around-the-clock…24時間ぶっ通しで
  3. get hooked on~…~にやみつきになる、~に夢中になる、~にハマる
  4. murder case…殺人事件
  5. associate…共同事業者、同僚
  6. suspect…容疑者、疑わしいと思う人物
  7. go back to square one…振り出しに戻る
  8. detective story…推理小説、探偵小説
  9. sit up late…夜更かしする



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