It’s terrific! — すごい!

昨日はクリスマス・イヴ どんなふうに過ごしましたか!? ラブラブな1日を過ごしたアナタにも、ちょっと寂しかったアナタにも、おすすめの映画を紹介します 観たらきっとキュンとなる、LOVEにあふれた映画です

 If your plan for Christmas is just to vege out1 in front of television, here’s a special recommendation: Love Actually.

 It’s all about love. Different stories of love, not necessarily love stories, are told in parallel2, interwoven3 and blended4 into the one whole movie to make a point that “love actually is all around5“. Indeed, there’s love between husband and wife, or a boy and a girl, or father and son, a writer and his housekeeper, an aging rock singer and his agent, or even there’s one between the prime minister and his admin6.

 Background music is also great, carefully matched to the scenes in which they’re played. If you know the songs, the movie would be twice more enjoyable.

 And the word I’ve chosen to learn today is very simple and easy: “terrific7“. You’ll hear this word a few times throughout the movie. Instead of saying, it’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s excellent, you can say it’s terrific. Instead of saying she’s great, she’s beautiful, she’s stunning8, you can say she’s terrific. And believe me, this movie is terrific!





It’s terrific!


冒頭に流れる「Love actually is all around…」、まさにそのとおりの映画 いろんな人の、いろんな形のLOVEがいろんなハッピーエンドを迎えます。さて、あなたは誰に想い入れましたか!?

  1. vege out:カウチポテトする、ぼーっとして過ごす
  2. in parallel:並行して、同時に
  3. interwoven:interweave [織り交ぜる]の過去分詞
  4. blended:blend [融合する]の過去分詞
  5. all around:至る所に、辺り一面に
  6. admin:秘書、補佐。administrative [assistant]の略語
  7. terrific:すごい、素晴らしい、見事な
  8. stunning:驚くべき、[驚くほど]美しい、素晴らしい、見事な



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