I had the flu. — インフルエンザ

暖冬のせいか、この時期になってもインフルエンザが流行しているようです 皆さんは大丈夫でしょうか?

I apologize for having been absent for a while. I had the flu1 and had to stay in bed for a whole week. I suffered from2 a complete set of symptoms3 including coughing4, sneezing5, body aching6 and fever7, which in fact went over 40 degree Celsius8. I felt terrible.

 When people cough and sneeze, or have a fever, they would typically say, “I’ve got a cold”. But what I had was totally different from a common cold9. The doctor ran the test and the result showed that I was infected with10 Influenza A virus. I was prescribed11 Tamiflu, together with antipyretics12 and antibiotics13. Antipyretics are drugs that prevent14 or reduce fever. Antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria. You may want to remember at least these drugs, in case you caught a cold or the flu while you’re travelling abroad. It should be helpful.

 Anyhow, I’ve learned the hard way15 that when your temperature16 went above 40 degree Celsius, it can give you a really bad time. I’ll make sure to get a shot17 before the next winter comes.




I had the flu.

virusの発音に注意。ウィルスでは通じません ヴァイラスと発音しましょう。
最後に。インフルエンザにかかった人には「Take care!」や「I hope you get better soon!」といたわりの声をかけてあげましょう

  1. flu:インフルエンザ、流感[influenzaの略]
  2. suffer from~:~に苦しむ
  3. symptom:[病気の]症状
  4. cough:せき[名詞]、せきをする[動詞]
  5. sneeze:くしゃみ[名詞]、くしゃみをする[動詞]
  6. aching:[体の一部が]うずく
  7. fever:熱
  8. Celsius:摂氏:[40 degree Celsiusで摂氏40度]
  9. common cold:風邪、感冒
  10. be infected with~:~に感染する
  11. prescribe:処方する
  12. antipyretic:解熱剤
  13. antibiotic:抗生物質
  14. prevent:予防する、抑制する
  15. learn the hard way:痛い目に遭って学ぶ、身をもって思い知る
  16. temperature:体温、温度
  17. get a shot:注射をする



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