start from scratch — ゼロからの出発

「ニュー・シネマ・パラダイス」で多くのファンを魅了したトルナトーレ監督の新作「題名のない子守唄(公式サイト: 音が出ます)」が公開されています。今までのイメージを覆したミステリー作品で、今回も音楽はモリコーネ氏。黄金コンビの新作、ぜひ観たいですね。今日は黄金コンビの作品のひとつ「海の上のピアニスト」からのレッスンをお届けします

 Today, I’m going to talk about one of my most favorite movies, The Legend of 1900, which is also known as The Legend 1 of the Pianist on the Ocean. It’s a stunningly beautiful epic directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. I like the movie so much and I’ve watched it at least half a dozen times. Personally, I think it’s much better than Titanic.

 The legend begins when a baby is born on an ocean liner2. He is found and raised by a stoker3 in the boiler room, being taught that a “mama” is a “fast horse”. The stoker names him 1900 since the baby is born on the first day of the new century. Eventually, he turns out to be a musical prodigy4 and starts playing the piano with the ship’s band. He meets and makes friends with a jazz trumpeter, Max, who in fact is a narrator of the story. He tries to convince 1900 he should get off the ship, marry a girl and have children. 1900 lives his whole life on board the ship5, never setting his foot on dry land.

 A phrase to learn today is to start from scratch6. Starting from scratch means to start doing something from the very beginning. You may start a project from scratch. You may build your business from scratch. It also means to make something with the smallest parts or ingredients. For example, cooking. When you cook curry with an assortment of7 spices, vegetables, meat or fish, and cooking oil, not using one of those ready-made curry pastes, you are cooking it from scratch.



 今日皆さんに学んでもらうフレーズはstart from scratchです。「何かをゼロから始める」という意味です。何もないところからプロジェクトや事業などを始める時に使います。原材料に最も近い部品や食材から何かを作る時にもこのフレーズを用います。例えば、料理。市販のカレールーを使わず、各種のスパイス、野菜、肉や魚、料理油などからカレーを作れば、一から作った完全な手作りカレーとなるわけです。

You can start from scratch.


ちなみにこの「start from scratch」、由来は『棒などで地面を引っかいてスタートラインを書く』ところから来たそうです。由来を知れば、フレーズも覚えやすいですね


  1. legend:伝説
  2. ocean liner:外国航路の船
  3. stoker:機関員
  4. prodigy:神童、天才
  5. on board a ship:船上で
  6. from scratch:最初から、ゼロから
  7. assortment of:各種の



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