I’m dying to see you. — 死ぬほど会いたい

今日は「~したくてたまらない」という表現を紹介します。タイトル「I’m dying to see you」はシチュエーションによっては甘~い言葉 にもなります。日本語ではなかなか言葉にしにくいけれど、英語なら恥ずかしくないかも さておき、「be dying to (do)」は覚えておくと表現の幅が広がりますので、ぜひマスターしてくださいね


 You know what I got? Well, I bought myself a pressure pan1 for my own birthday. It’s Fissler, my sister’s recommendation. I’ve been cooking beans and sardines. It’s amazing. You know, it takes me struggling ten minutes to cut a whole pumpkin into chunks, but takes only one minute to cook them!
 So, as I’ve been in a cooking kind of mood lately, naturally, my choice of movie is somehow associated with2 cooking. I picked up a phrase for you to learn from the movie “No Reservations”. It’s a typical rom-com, or romantic comedy. It’s a bit predictable3, as you can probably imagine. But it’s OK. I enjoyed it.

 Now, Kate played by Catherine Zeta-Jones is a successful chef of a French restaurant in Manhattan. The place is always packed with her loyal customers. One night, the owner of the restaurant comes to see her in the kitchen and says, “Your big fan is dying to4 see you.” This is the phrase we’re going to learn today, dying to do something. When you want something so much or so badly, you can use this phrase. Let’s say, if I want to see you so much, I’ll say, “I’m dying to see you.” Or, you have a sweet tooth but you’ve been on a diet. You may say, “I’m dying to have some chocolates!” Or, you’ve got great news and you want to tell someone about it. You can say, “I’m dying to tell you about it.”

 Well, I was dying to tell someone about my new cooker and I just did. I’m sure you’re dying to use this new phrase with someone. Good luck!



 キャサリン・ゼタジョーンズ演じるケイトはマンハッタンのフレンチレストランで腕をふるう売れっ子シェフです。店はいつも常連客でいっぱいです。ある夜、オーナーが厨房に来てこう言います。”Your big fan is dying to see you.” dying to do something、これが今日覚えるフレーズです。何かをしたくてたまらない時に使う表現です。例えば、私はあなたに会いたくてたまらない。そこでこう言います。”I’m dying to see you.” あるいは、あなたは甘いものに目がないけれど、今はダイエットの真っ最中。こんな時は “I’m dying to have some chocolates!” なんて言うかもしれません。または、良い報せがあったので、誰かに言いたくてたまらない。そんな時は “I’m dying to tell you about it.” ですね。


I’m dying to see you.


  1. pressure pan:圧力鍋
  2. [be] associated with~:~と関係がある、~に関連する
  3. predictable:話の先が読める、ありきたりの
  4. [be] dying to [do]:~したくてたまらない



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