taking your hat off — 脱帽

いやぁ、北島選手、やってくれましたね 2大会連続で金メダル。 しかも世界新記録 本当に、脱帽です。すごすぎです…。

 It’s steaming1 outside. Airfare is expensive. Driving costs too much. But the good news is that we aren’t short of2 family entertainment this summer, as one of the world’s biggest sporting events is taking place in China. I suppose my fellow people would decide to stay in and watch the Beijing Olympics live on television.

 Personally, I’m not athletic. I don’t play or watch sports. I’m just not cut out for3 it. When I watch evening news, I’m more interested in weather reports than in baseball scores. But having said that, the Olympics are special even for me. During the Games, I’ll be spending much more time in front of TV than I normally would.

 I believe swimming has been one of the most popular and most talked-about4 events for the Japanese audience, as Kosuke Kitajima is one of the top contenders5 in the 100- and 200-meter breaststroke6. So, people of all ages across the country held their breath7 in front of TV to share his moment of truth and the uplifting8 experience when the swimmer won the gold medal in the 100-meter breaststroke, while setting a new world record in the category.

 Now here at Time for English, we aren’t just enjoying the Olympics but also busy with phrase-hunting. So, let’s look at Brendan Hansen’s comment after the race. Hansen’s been regarded as Kitajima’s archrival9 who missed a medal by 0.20 seconds in Beijing. He said: You’ve got to take your hat off to10 someone who swims like that in a pressure-packed race. This idiom “taking your hat off to someone” is used to express respect or admiration11, or congratulate. I’m sure you remember we have a similar expression in Japanese, so I guess it’s rather easy to learn and use.




 さて、エイゴの時間では、漫然とオリンピックを観ているだけではありません。フレーズ探しにも精を出しています。今回はレース後のブレンダン・ハンセン選手のコメントに注目したいと思います。北島の最大のライバルと見なされてきた人ですが、北京では0.20秒差でメダルを逃しました。その彼のコメントです。「プレッシャーの大きいレースであれだけの泳ぎができる人間には誰だって脱帽するよ」 この慣用句”taking your hat off to someone”は敬意や称賛、祝意を表現するときに使われます。日本語にも似たような言い回しがありますから、覚えるのも使うのも簡単でしょう。

I’m taking my hat off to him.

  1. steaming:物凄く熱い
  2. be short of~:~が不足している
  3. be cut out for~:~に向いている、適している
  4. talked-about:話題の
  5. contender:競争者、選手
  6. breaststroke:平泳ぎ
  7. hold one’s breath:固唾を飲む
  8. uplifting:気持ちを高揚させる
  9. archrival:最大のライバル
  10. take one’s hat off to~:~[人]に脱帽する、敬意を表する
  11. admiration:称賛



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