work cut out for you — 仕事がどっさり

先日公開された宮崎駿監督のアニメ「崖の上のポニョ」。映画もさながらに注目されているのが、主題歌ですね ポーニョ、ポニョ、ポニョ、さかなのこ~~ が頭から離れないッ という方も多いのでは なぜオジサンが一緒なのかなぁ、と思っていたら「父と娘が風呂場で歌っている雰囲気」だそうですよ

 It seems Mr. Miyazaki is enjoying another box-office success with his latest animation “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”, while children across the country are all singing to the Ponyo tune. Perhaps, I’m going to take my niece to the movie if she feels like it.

 But in the meantime, I decided to watch one of his films on DVD and my choice was “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

 A teenage girl, Sophie, is transformed into1 an old woman by the Witch of the Waste. She sets off on her journey2 to the wasteland to find the mysterious wizard3 Howl, hoping he can help her lift the curse4. Well, I’m not going to talk more about the story because I don’t want to be a spoiler, in case you haven’t yet seen it. Instead, I’m going to share an English expression to learn, as I always do.

 They call it a castle but the interior is a complete mess5. All the rooms are filthy6 or dirty. There lives a family of rats and creepy7 worms8 crawl around9. Even the table where Sophie and Howl and his friend Markl have breakfast is covered with dust and bread crumbs. When she looks at it, she says she’s got her work cut out for her. And this is the expression we’re going to learn today. If you have your work cut out for you10, that means you have a lot of work to do, or a difficult task to do, or challenging situation to face. For example, if I have 50 pages of document to translate by tomorrow morning, I’ll definitely say I have my work cut out for me.

 Well, I enjoyed the movie itself. Perhaps you may want to try the English version with Japanese subtitles. Good for your listening practice.




 城とはいえど、中はもうめちゃくちゃ。どの部屋も汚く散らかっています。ソフィとハウル、ハウルの友だちマルクルが朝ご飯を食べるテーブルさえも、ホコリまみれのパンくずだらけ。この惨状を目にしたソフィは言います。「I’ve got my work cut out for me.(こりゃたいへんだ)」 これが今日のフレーズ。”have your work cut out for you”というのは、大量の仕事や難しい仕事を抱えている、あるいは厄介な状況に直面しているときに使う表現です。例えば私の場合、50ページの文書を明日の朝までに翻訳しなきゃ、なんてときは”I have my work cut out for me!”なわけです。


I have my work cut out for me.


  1. transform into~:~に姿を変える、変形する
  2. set off on a journey:旅に出る
  3. wizard:魔法使い
  4. lift a curse:呪いを解く
  5. mess:混乱、部屋などが散らかっている様子
  6. filthy:汚い
  7. creepy:気味の悪い
  8. worm:虫
  9. crawl around:這い回る
  10. have one’s work cut out for one:厄介な仕事・大量の仕事を抱えている



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