I’m not going to bail you out. — 尻ぬぐいはごめんだ

ここのところ、ニュース では頻繁にサブプライム問題や株価低迷について触れることが多くなりましたね。いつもは映画や本など、楽しいネタを取り上げるエイゴの時間ですが、たまには経済の話題も。ということで、今日のレッスン、少し難しいですが、チャレンジしてください

 I was in New York early this month and one of the words I saw or heard most frequently in the news or in conversations during the stay was “bailout1“, as the US House of Representatives just rejected the initial $700 billion bailout bill2. In Japan, it’s known as the Emergency Economic Stabilization Bill3, I think…. Anyhow, “bailout” means financial rescue, in this case it means the intervention4 by the federal government to help failing banks and insurance companies such as AIG. I’m not going to talk about what the bill is all about. I can give you a general description, but it’s going to be boring, so let’s forget it.

 Instead, let’s learn how to use the phrase “to bail someone out5” because it’s a very common phrase. You can pick it up in daily conversations, movies and TV dramas. To bail somebody out means to help somebody out of trouble. For instance, AIG was bailed out by the federal government but not Lehman Brothers. Another example. Let’s say, a prodigal6 son7 spent too much money on his credit card. The payment is due in a few days but he has no money in the bank. He asks his father, “Hey dad, will you bail me out?” The father’s been helping him many times but not this time. He says, “Well son, I’m not going to bail you out, you’re on your own.”

 Of course, you don’t want to be in the situation to use this phrase, but nevertheless, it’s a common phrase and worth learning.


 代わりに、”to bail someone out”というフレーズを覚えましょう。よく使われる表現です。日常会話や映画、テレビドラマなどでもよく耳にします。意味は人を窮地から救うこと。例えば、AIGは政府によって救済されたが、リーマン・ブラザースはされなかった。別の例を挙げましょう。放蕩息子がクレジットカードで散財したとします。支払期日は数日後に迫っているのに銀行の口座は空っぽ。そこで父親に助けを求めます。「父さん、何とかしてくれ」 父親はこれまで何度も助けてきましたが、甘い顔をするのもここまで。「息子よ、もうお前の尻ぬぐいはごめんだ、自分で何とかしなさい」


I’m not going to bail you out.

  1. bailout:[財政的な]救済
  2. bill:法案
  3. Emergency Economic Stabilization Bill:緊急経済安定化法案
  4. intervention:介入
  5. bail someone out:[苦境にある企業や人を]救済する
  6. prodigal:金遣いの荒い
  7. prodigal son:放蕩息子



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