You must be Harry Potter. — 君がハリーだね。

ジョージ・クルーニーが出ている某コーヒーメーカーのCMで、女性から声を掛けられて彼が言う台詞がこれ。”No. You must be mistaken.(いいえ、人違いです)” 今週はこの must の使い方を取り上げたいと思います。

 Welcome back and how did you spend your golden week holidays? I understand the whole nation has been more or less in the self-restraint1 mood because of the 311 disaster but I guess some of you or many of you had extended days off.

 For me, I didn’t do anything special. I spent the whole week kicking back and reading books, updating my wardrobe, watching DVDs, pickling cucumbers.

 Talking about DVDs, I found “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in the nearby video shop. I hadn’t been following the series and I decided to watch the previous three episodes, The Goblet of Fire, The Order of The Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, before finding out how the whole story would end.

 For your practice, I picked up one sentence from The Goblet of Fire, which is “You must be Harry Potter”. I want to discuss this auxiliary verb2 “must” from a grammatical point of view, but I’m going to do so on Thursday. For now, let’s learn and practice the sentence. Are you ready? “You must be Harry Potter.”

 Well, make sure to come visit our website on Thursday. I’ll continue to discuss the sentence there.

 おかえりなさいませ ゴールデンウィークはいかが過ごされましたか 3月11日の震災以来、日本中が何とはなしに自粛ムードですが、長いお休みをとった方もけっこうおられるのではないでしょうか。

 私自身は特に何もしませんでした ぐだぐだして本を読んで、衣替えをしてDVDを見て、キュウリの酢漬けを作って、といったところです


 皆さんの英語学習用には、『炎のゴブレット』からセンテンスをひとつ選んであります You must be Harry Potter というのがそれです。助動詞must に注目して文法的に説明しようと思うのですが、これは木曜日にやりましょう。

You must be Harry Potter.


  1. self-restraint:自制、自粛
  2. auxiliary verb:助動詞



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