Then, we’ll take it from there. — 後はそれから


 When you take a vacation, will you plan everything before you leave home? Will you decide upfront1 what you’re going to do for Day One or Day Two, like a holiday package? I would prefer flexibility. Sure, I would make flight and hotel reservations. But that’s about it. I get to Paris, London, or whatever the destination2, then I will take it from there3.

 Let’s say you’re looking for a private English tutor4. And I think I can help you. I would say we meet face-to-face, you tell me what your goals are, Let me identify your current skill level. Perhaps I can give you the first lesson free of charge to see if you feel comfortable with me. Then we can take it from there.

 Now, as you can guess, the phrase I want you to learn today is ‘to take it from there‘. It means to continue from a certain point onwards. Please review the two examples I’ve just mentioned to learn how to use it.

 For your reference5, this phrase is used in the movie “The King’s Speech”. If you want to see the film, try to locate6 the scene in which the phrase is used.

 休暇旅行に行くとき、出発前に一から十まで細かく計画する人ですか パック旅行のように、1日目の予定、2日目の予定、とあらかじめ決めておきますか 私はもっと気ままな旅が好みかな もちろん、航空券や宿泊の手配はしていきますが、せいぜいその程度です。パリとかロンドンとか、目的地に行って、後はそれから決めます。


 さて、もうお分かりでしょうが、今日皆さんに覚えていただくフレーズは「そこから先は追々」、take it from thereです。「ある点からその先へ話を進める、作業を継続する」という意味です 上の事例2つをおさらいして使い方をマスターしてください


We’ll take it from there.


  1. upfront:前もって、あらかじめ
  2. destination:行き先、目的地
  3. take it from there:そこから話や仕事を継続する
  4. tutor:家庭教師
  5. for your reference:ご参考までに
  6. locate:[場所を]見つける、探す



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