struggle — 悪戦苦闘

今日は struggle を取り上げます。必死で何かをやりとげようとしているリスナーの皆さん、ぜひ使ってくださいね

 Kodak filed for Chapter 111. Have you heard the news?

 Well, the news wasn’t really surprising but it’s still a shame2. I just saw the movie “Super 8” during the winter break. And Kodak invented Super 8, which is a motion picture film format.

 I was once a Kodak user. When I was in high school, I took a lot of photos as part of my extracurricular activities3. Some students were using Fujifilm but I preferred4 Kodak products which came in that iconic yellow packaging.

 I know the company has been struggling for years to reinvent its business model for the digital age. Apparently none of their efforts have been successful.

 Well, anyhow, let’s learn this word ‘struggle5‘ today because you may see this word a lot when you read news stories about Kodak.

 ’To struggle’ means ‘to try extremely hard to achieve something’, even though it is very difficult.

 コダック社が破産申請をしました お聞き及びですか

 えっ、うそっ、という感じではありませんでしたが、それでもやっぱり残念です ちょうど冬休み中に映画『スーパー8』を観たばかりでした。スーパー8は映像用フィルムの規格ですが、その生みの親がほかでもないコダックです



 さて、今日はこの struggle という単語を学びましょう コダックのニュース記事を読むなら、ぜひ覚えておきたい単語です。


They are struggling to get out of debt.

NY – Eastman Kodak Files for Bankruptcy
CNN Money – Kodak files for bankruptcy


  1. file for Chapter 11:連邦破産法第11章による破産申告を行う
  2. shame:残念[なこと]
  3. extracurricular activity:課外活動
  4. prefer:[BよりAを]好む
  5. struggle:もがく、あがく、四苦八苦する



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