Math problems — スウガクの時間

今日はエイゴの時間ではなく、スウガクの時間です 脳トレがてら、エイゴでの簡単な計算に挑戦してみてください

 Last week we learned some mathematical terms. Would you like to work on some math problems1 today? Well, listen carefully:

 Two times two is four. Three times seven makes twenty-one. Seventeen times twenty-one equals three-hundred fifty-seven.

 As you can see, the word ‘times’ is a preposition2 which is used for multiplication3.

 Now, would you like to do some division4 problems?

 Six over three is two. Twenty-seven over three makes nine. Two hundred twenty-five over fifteen equals fifteen.

 You can use the word ‘over’ to express division.

 先週は数学用語をいくつか取り上げました 今日は算数の問題に挑戦 したいと思います。よく聞いてくださいね。

 2 times 2は4。3 times 7は21。17 times 21は357。



 6 over 3は2。27 over 3 は9。225 over 15は15。

 割り算の場合は over を使います

2×2=4 … Two times two is four.
6÷3=2 … Six over three is two.

  1. math problem:算数の問題
  2. preposition:前置詞
  3. multiplication:乗算、掛け算
  4. division:除算、割り算



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