How often? — 頻度を訊ねる

頻度を訊ねるフレーズ、How often…? と How many…? を2週にわたって取り上げます
今日はまず How often…? から。

 Today I’m going to discuss how to ask questions about frequency1. Frequency is expressed by using such phrases as once a week, twice a month, every other day, or once in a while.

 Now, in order to ask questions about frequency, we use ‘how often’. For example, I take piano lessons. How often do I take piano lessons? I take piano lessons once a week. Kaori and I have a lunch meeting on a regular basis. How often do we have a lunch meeting? We have a lunch meeting every other Friday. Mary visits her mother regularly. How often does Mary visit her mother? She visits her mother every month.

 Now, here’s a question for you. How often does a leap year2 occur3? You can find the answer on our website.


 頻度について訊ねるときは、how oftenを用います。例えば、私はピアノを習っています。how oftenつまりどのくらいの頻度でレッスンを受けますか? 週一回ならonce a weekと答えます。kaoriクンと私は定期的にランチミーティングを持ちます。how oftenつまりどのくらいの頻度でランチミーティングをするか? 隔週金曜なのでevery other Fridayです。メアリは定期的に母親を訪ねます。how oftenつまりどのくらいの頻度でメアリはお母さんを訪問するのですか? 毎月ならevery monthと答えます。

 ではここで皆さんに質問。How often does a leap year occur? 閏年がめぐり来る頻度を訊ねる質問ですね。答えはエイゴの時間のウェブサイトを参照してください。

How often do you visit your mother?

  1. frequency:頻度
  2. leap year:閏年
  3. occur:起こる、発生する、現れる



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