♪Count sheep – ひつじを数える





Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

2015 is the year of the sheep. In some cultures, the year of the sheep is also referred to as the year of the goat. But in English, we have this saying “separate the sheep from the goats”, which means to sort out the good from the bad.

There are many sheep idioms in English. For example, “get a sheepskin” which means getting a degree or diploma. In the old days, your diploma was printed on paper-like materials made from sheepskin.

Perhaps one of the most well-known sheep phrases is to “count sheep”. When you’re having trouble getting to sleep, you are advised to count sheep. I wonder if that really works, but if you count sheep in English, be careful. You can’t count sheep like “one sheep, two sheeps, three sheeps” because the word sheep is both singular and plural. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep. All right?

Now, here’s a little quiz for you. I’ll give you three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is CORRECT. Ready?

You may be advised to count sheep:
1. When you are upset.
2. When you are hungry.
3. When you are having trouble getting to sleep.



2015年は未年です。国や地域によっては未年ではなく山羊年なのだそうです。 でも英語には「ひつじとやぎを分ける」という言い回しがあります。「優良・有益なもの(あるいは人)とそうでないもの(あるいは人)を区別する」ことを意味します。

英語にはひつじの慣用句がたくさんあります。例えば get a sheepskin。「学位を取得する、学校を卒業する」という意味の慣用句です。 その昔、卒業証書には羊皮紙が使われていました。

皆が知っているひつじフレーズと言えば、count sheep は外せません! 眠れないとき、「ひつじを数えろ」と言うでしょう? ほんとに効くのかどうかは別にして、英語でひつじを数えるときは注意が必要です。one sheep、two sheeps、three sheeps ではありません。sheep は単数形と複数形が同じなので、one sheep、two sheep、three sheepと数えます。



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