♪What do you do for fun? – 趣味を訊ねる

今日は趣味の訊ね方を学びましょう。What are your hobbies? このようにダイレクトに聞いてもかまいませんが、こんな言い方もあります。

What do you do for fun?



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Last week you learned how to ask what someone’s job is. You learned to use “what do you do for a living?” rather than “what is your job?”

Today you’re going to learn how to ask what someone’s hobbies are. Again, you can ask directly “what are your hobbies?” But as you can imagine, there’s a different way.

Now, a hobby is an activity that you do for fun, not for money. It’s something that you do in your free time, in other words, when you’re not working. So, you can ask “what do you do for fun?” or “what do you do in your free time?”

And if something is your hobby, you do it fairly regularly. Hobbies can be reading books, growing roses or collecting action figures. So, what do you do for fun?

Well, you don’t have to answer this question right now. Instead try a short quiz. Ready?

Which of the following would qualify as a hobby?
1. Working in an action figure shop
2. Working out at the gym on weekends
3. Part-time employment



先週は「職業を訊ねる」表現をご紹介しました。具体的には What is your job? に代わる表現として What do you do for a living? を学びました。

今日は「趣味を訊ねる」表現です。もちろん、What are your hobbies? とダイレクトに聞いてしまってもかまいません。ですがご推察の通り、別の表現もあります。

そもそも趣味とはお金のためではなく、自分の愉しみのために行う活動です。自由になる時間、つまり仕事をしていないときにやるものです。そこで、What do you do for fun?(愉しみのために何をしますか? )という質問で趣味を訊ねることができます。同様に What do you do in your free time?(暇なときは何をしていますか?)を使うこともあります。

また(英語の)hobby は通常、割と頻繁に繰り返し行う活動を言います。読書やバラの栽培、フィギュアの蒐集なども hobbyと言ってよいでしょう。



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