♪3 days in a row – 立て続け




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

It rained yesterday and the day before that. In other words, it rained for two consecutive days.

Today it’s raining again. So, it’s been raining for three consecutive days.

Now, are you familiar with the word “consecutive”? If things are consecutive, they happen one after another without a break.

There’s another way of saying “three consecutive days” without using the word “consecutive”. Instead of saying “raining for three consecutive days”, you can say “raining for three days in a row, in a row”.

And it doesn’t have to be “days in a row”; it can be weeks in a row, months in a row or years in a row. Likewise, you can say something like, we’ve been out five nights in a row. The team won six games in a row. He missed three chances in a row.

Now, would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

It’s been raining for three days in a row.





英語では「続けて3日」を three consecutive days と表現します。consecutiveとは物事が切れ目なく立て続けに起こる様子を表します。

「続けて3日」には別の言い方もあります。consecutive という単語を使わない表現です。例えば raining for three consecutive days という代わりに raining for three days in a row と言うこともできます。

もちろん、in a row が使えるのは days ばかりではありません。weeks in a row、months in a row、years in a rowのように応用できます。また、We’ve been out five nights in a row は「私たちは5日立て続けに夜遊びした」ですし、The team won six games in a row は「チームは6連勝した。」です。He missed three chances in a row は「彼はチャンスを続けて3回もだめにした。」です。



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