♪Finally in Paris! – そしてパリ到着!




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

My mother and I, we’re finally in Paris! We spent our last four days in France there.

We stayed in a small but really nice hotel in the area called Quartier Latin or the Latin Quarter. The location was great. The hotel is situated just a street away from the river Seine and across the river you can see Notre-Dame cathedral. Both the train and metro stations are within a two-minute walk.

If the weather permits, you can even walk to Musée du Louvre or Musée d’Orsay, which we did. It was supposed to be a 20-minute walk along the river, but actually, it took us well over 20 minutes as we stopped over at every bridge along the way like Pont Neuf, Pont des Arts, Pont du Carrousel and Pont Royal. We wanted to take pictures. We were tourists after all.

While in Paris, the weather was mostly nice.

Now, would you like to try a quiz? I’ll read three sentences. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

1. My mother and I stayed at the hotel situated right beside the river Seine.
2. It took us just 20 minutes to walk to the Orsay Museum.
3. Pont Neuf, Pont des Arts, Pont du Carrousel and Pont Royal are bridges along the river Seine.



ついにパリ到着です! フランス滞在最後の4日間をここパリで過ごしました。


天気が良ければルーブル美術館やオルセー美術館へも歩いて行ける距離です。実際、私たちも歩いて行きました。川沿いをまっすぐ行けば20分かそこらで到着する距離なのですが、私たちは途中にある橋、ポンヌフとかポンデザール、カルーゼル橋、ロワイヤル橋で道草をしたので20分では着けませんでした(^^;) 写真を撮ってたんですよ、観光客らしく( ´艸`)




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