♪Do you have the time? – 今何時?

今日はとてもよく似ているけれど、実はまったく異なる二つの疑問文についてお話します。 Do you have the time? と Do you have time? さて、この違い、分かりますか?



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Today we’re going to talk about two questions that look very similar but in fact are very different.

The first question: Do you have the time? Do you know how you answer this question? Well, when somebody asks you if you have THE time, they want to know what time it is. So your answer could be “It’s three-thirty” or “quarter to five” or “I’m sorry I don’t know”.

Now, the second question: Do you have time? Notice that there is no THE before the word “time”. When your friend asks you if you have time, she wants to talk to you about something. She wants to know if you are free. So your answer could be “Sure, what is it?” or “I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy right now”.

You now know these two questions “Do you have the time?” and “Do you have time?” are very different and that you need to answer them differently.

Now, why don’t you try a quiz? I’ll give you three sentences. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is NOT correct. Ready?

Your friend says to you, “Do you have the time?” Your answer could be:
1. I’m sorry I don’t know.
2. I’m sorry I’m busy right now.
3. It’s about three.




一つ目の疑問文。Do you have the time? こう訊かれたら、あなたはどう答えるでしょう? time に定冠詞の the を付けて、Do you have the time? と訊かれたら、それは「今何時か教えてください」と同じ意味になります。ですから答えは「3時半です」とか「5時15分前です」とか「悪いけど分からない」などになります。

では二つ目の疑問文。Do you have time? こちらの疑問文では time の前に定冠詞の the がありません。もしお友だちがあなたに Do you have time? と訊いてきたら、それはその人があなたに何か話したいことがあるという意思表示なのです。今、時間があるかどうか、それを知りたいわけですね。ですから答えは「いいわよ」とか「ごめん、今ちょっと時間ないんだ」などになります。

Do you have the time? と Do you have time? この二つがまったくの別物であること、それぞれの質問に対する答え方、お分かりいただけたでしょうか。



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