♪Ouch! – 痛っ!




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Last week you learned about interjections and how to use “Oops!”

Learning interjections is a lot of fun. And most of them are easy to use.

For example, “Ouch!” is an interjection to express pain. When someone steps on your foot, you can say “Ouch!” or “Ow!”.

Now, what are you going to say, when you eat something delicious? You say “Yum-yum!” or “Yummy!” What about when you eat something not delicious? You say “Ugh” or “Yuk”. And while you say “Wow!” to express pleasure, surprise or admiration, “Oh no” is uttered to indicate that you’re disappointed.

The next time when you show something funny to your friend, instead of saying “It’s funny, isn’t it?,” you may want to try “Funny, Huh?”

Try to learn to use these interjections naturally in a conversation, and your English would sound much more like English.

Now, why don’t you try a quiz? I’ll give you three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

When someone steps on your foot, you’re likely to say:
1. Oops!
2. Ow!
3. Yuk!



先週は “Oops!” の使い方を中心に、間投詞のお話をしました。


例えば、Ouch! これは「痛み」を表す間投詞です。誰かに足を踏まれたら、すかさず Ouch! とか Ow! とか言います。

では、美味しいものを食べたときはどうでしょう? Yum-yum! とか Yummy! などを使います。反対に、美味しくないものを食べたときには Ugh とか Yuk です。また、”Wow!” で喜びや驚きや称賛を、”Oh no” では落胆を表現します。

次回、お友だちに何か面白いものを見せるとき、”It’s funny, isn’t it?” という代わりに、”Funny, Huh?” なんて言ってみてください( ´艸`)




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