♪rain or shine – 雨でも晴れでも

梅雨時には雨のせいでいろいろなイベントや活動が中止や延期になります。でも雨でも晴れでもやる「雨天決行」なんてのもあります。こういうイベントを英語ではrain-or-shine eventと言います。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

During the wet season, some events and activities are cancelled or postponed due to rain, like baseball games, barbecues and picnics, open-air concerts. I’m sure everyone is all too familiar with the disappointment.

When events and activities are not rained out, they are “rain-or-shine” events. Let’s say, you are planning to participate in an outdoor yoga class. The brochure says “All ages and levels are welcomed. Rain or shine.” It means anyone can join the event and it’ll be held whether it rains or the sun shines.

The phrase is also used figuratively for “regardless of circumstances.” For example, when you say to your friend, “I’ll see you on Thursday, rain or shine,” it means you’ll see that friend on Thursday no matter what happens.

Now, I’ll give you a quiz today. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

If an event is held, rain or shine;
1. it will be called off when it rains.
2. it will happen whatever the weather.
3. it’s subject to weather conditions.




一方、雨で流れないイベントや活動もあります。こういうイベントを英語では rain-or-shine event と言います。例えば、屋外で行われるヨガクラス。パンフレットを読むと、「年齢・経験を問いません。Rain or shine」とあります。誰でも自由に参加できる、しかも雨でも晴れでもやる、「雨天決行」ということですね。

rain or shine は比喩的に使われることもあります。「どういう事情があっても」という意味です。例えば、あなたは友人にこう言います。I’ll see you on Thursday, rain or shine. 「何が起ころうと、木曜日に会いましょう」ということですね。



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