♪cheap vs inexpensive – cheapとinexpensiveの違い




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Today I’m going to talk about two words that are similar in meaning but not quite the same. They are “cheap” and “inexpensive”.

Let’s say, you want to buy something. If you have to pay a lot of money to buy that product, you can say it’s “expensive”. Contrarily, if you can get the product by paying just a small amount of money, then it’s NOT expensive or “inexpensive”.

Now, you can also use the word “cheap” to describe something that doesn’t cost much money. But you want to be careful because, generally speaking, cheap things are cheaply made. In other words, “cheap” can also mean “of poor quality” whereas the word “inexpensive” simply means not high in price.

Now, let me give you a quiz here. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is NOT true. Ready?

1. Cheap things are inexpensive.
2. Inexpensive doesn’t always mean cheap.
3. Cheap and inexpensive are equal in meaning.



今日は意味は似ているけれど、まったく同じかと言うと決してそうではない2つの単語についてお話します。その2つの単語とは cheap と inexpensive です。

何かものを買うとき、お金をたくさん出さないと手に入らないなら、それは expensive つまり「高額だ」と言えます。反対に、少しのお金で手に入るのなら、not expensive つまり「高額ではない」、もしくは inexpensive、「安価だ」となります。

安価なものを表すとき、cheap という単語を使うこともできます。でもこれにはちょっと注意が必要です。というのも、一般的に、値段が cheap なものは作りも cheap だからです。cheap は「質が良くない」という意味も含んでいるのです。他方、inexpensive はシンプルに「価格が高くない」という意味だけです。



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