♪Let’s split the bill. – 割り勘にしよう

割り勘」は何というでしょう?英語でもそのまま「勘定を割る」、”split the bill” と言います。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Are you familiar with the expression “to split the bill“? When two or more people are splitting the bill, what are they doing? What does the word “split” mean, to begin with?

Well, to split means to divide something into two or more parts. Just for reference, when you have dry hair, you may find split ends in your hair. In winter, I tend to suffer from split nails. And when you have dinner with your friends at a restaurant and split the bill, you and your friends share the cost or divide the bill into equal amounts.

Now, when you decide to split the bill, you’ve got to be careful. While some people have no problems paying a little more or a little less than they owe, others may be upset about it. After having great food and great conversation, you don’t want to spoil the evening by arguing over the bill.

Now let me give you a quiz here to make sure you get the phrase right. You’ll be given three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

When you and your friends split the bill for dinner,
1. everyone pays for their own food.
2. you and your friends are not happy with the dinner.
3. you and your friends share the cost equally.



split the bill というフレーズをご存知ですか?もし複数の人間が「みんなで split the bill しよう」というとき、みんなは実際にはどうするんでしょう。そもそも split ってどういう意味なんでしょう。

split は「分割する」という意味です。ちょっと逸れますが、パサパサの髪の先端は枝分かれしやすいですね。いわゆる枝毛、英語では split end と言います。冬場、私の爪はすぐ割れてしまうんですが、これは split nail です。で、友人たちとレストランで夕ご飯を食べて、じゃ split the bill にしようということになった。これは食事代をその場にいる人数で等分し、代金を皆で負担するという意味です。(bill は勘定ですから、split the bill は「勘定を割る」、いわゆる「割り勘」にするということです。)




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