♪Living by yourself – 一人暮らし

今日は ”to do something by oneself” というフレーズを学びましょう。by oneselfは「自分だけで、独力で」という意味です。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

A girlfriend of mine has just started living by herself again.

Now, living by yourself may sound awesome and exciting. It certainly gives you greater freedom and privacy. But there are pros and cons to it, of course. For example, you can talk to yourself without worrying about looking weird. But it also means you have no one to talk to. You never have to wait to use the bathroom. Then again it’s always your turn to clean the bathroom. After all, living by yourself means more responsibility and caring for yourself. You’ve got to do things around the house all by yourself; cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, and the like.

Now, just in case, to do something by yourself means to do it alone; you do it without help from anyone. So, living by yourself means living alone.

Now would you like to practice the phrase together? Please repeat after me:

I live by myself.





それはそれとして、一応説明しておきますと、to do something by oneselfは「独りで、自力で、人の力を借りずに独力で何かをやる」という意味です。living by oneselfは「一人で生活する」ですね。



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