♪I can’t tell one from the other. – 見分けがつかない。

今日は映画『チェンジリング』からフレーズを取り上げます。”tell one from the other”は「あるものと別のものを見分ける」という意味です。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

I watched the movie “Changeling” on DVD. It’s a Clint Eastwood movie starring Angelina Jolie. Clint Eastwood directed “Sully”, telling the story behind the Miracle on the Hudson.

“Changeling” is also based on a true story of a mother searching for her missing child. Anyhow, I’m not going to discuss how the story goes and ends. Instead, let’s learn a phrase from the movie.

There’s a line in the movie which goes: You have trouble telling the real from the fantasy. To tell one from the other. If you can tell A from B, it means you can tell the difference between A and B. For example, if you know what’s right and what’s wrong, then you can tell right from wrong. If you’re a coke drinker, you may be able to tell Coca-Cola from Pepsi. Now, I don’t drive and I can’t tell a station wagon from a minivan.

Now would you like to practice the phrase together? Please repeat after me:

I can’t tell one from the other.





作品中にYou have trouble telling the real from the fantasyというセリフが出てきます。tell one from the otherは「あるものと別のものを見分ける」という意味のフレーズです。You can tell A from Bならば、AとBの違いが分かるということです。例えば、you can tell right from wrongなら「善悪の区別をつけられる」です。you can tell Coca-Cola from Pepsiなら「コカコーラとペプシの違いが分かる」です。さて。私は車を運転しません。なのでI can’t tell a station wagon from a minivan、「ステーションワゴンとミニバンの違いも分かりません」。



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