♪This will make a beautiful bedspread! – お誂え向き

今日は動詞 make についてお話したいと思います。make というと「つくる」という意味を思い浮かべるかもしれません。でも、こんな使い方もします。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Today, I’m going to discuss the word “make”. You make different things. You make ships and bridges. You make shoes. You make sandwiches. You make friends. You make trouble.

Now, let’s learn to use the word “make” a little differently.

For example, you have a large piece of vintage fabric. It looks perfect for covering your bed. So, you would say, “Oh, this will make a beautiful bedspread!” In other words, the fabric is suitable for making a bedspread.

This expression can also be used for people when someone has the right qualities for a particular job or purpose. For example, you like kids. You’re so patient and committed. You would make a good teacher. Or, you would make a good father.

Now. Would you like to practice the phrase together? Please repeat after me:

This fabric will make a beautiful bedspread!





例えば、大判のアンティークの布地があるとします。ベッドカバーにはお誂え向き。そこであなたはこう言います。Oh, this will make a beautiful bedspread! ベッドカバーを作るにはうってつけの布地だ、ということです。

この表現は人にも使えます。ある人が何かの仕事や目的に必要な資質を持っているという意味で使われます。例えば、子どもが好きで、辛抱強く、熱意や責任感に溢れた人なら、you would make a good teacher、「良い教師になる」かもしれません。あるいは You would make a good father、「良い父親になる」人でもあるでしょう。



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