♪Fewer days off work in 2017! – 2017年はお休みの日が減る!




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Getting back to work after the holidays can be a struggle. Some people even suffer from the post-vacation blues. I don’t mean to make you feel worse, but it seems we will have fewer days off work in 2017.

In Japan, there are sixteen public holidays established by law, four of which fall on a Saturday this year. When a legal holiday falls on a Sunday, we get the following Monday off. Unfortunately for many workers and students, this rule doesn’t apply to Saturday holidays.

Now, I’ve used the word “fall” a couple times today. It’s used to mean to happen on a particular day or date. For example, National Foundation Day is celebrated on February 11. It’s Saturday this year. National Foundation Day falls on a Saturday this year. I was born in June and my birthday this year falls on a Friday.

Now, let’s practice the sentence together. Please repeat after me:

National Foundation Day falls on a Saturday this year.





さて。今回、私は fall という単語を何回か使いました。ここでは「ある特定の日付もしくは曜日に起こる」という意味で使っています。例えば、建国記念日は2月11日ですが、今年は土曜日に当たります。英語で言うと、National Foundation Day falls on a Saturday this year です。私は6月生まれなのですが、今年の私の誕生日は金曜日です。英語では My birthday falls on a Friday this year と表現します。



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