♪I went to see a doctor. – 医者に行きました。

今日は「医者に行く」という表現をマスターしましょう。英語では see a doctor / go see a doctor と言います。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

I went to see a doctor yesterday. I didn’t feel well. I felt a little feverish. I had a headache, a stuffy nose, and no appetite. The doctor said I had a cold and prescribed me some medicine. Having a cold is bad enough, but it could have been worse. Thank God it’s not the flu.

Now, let’s look at this expression “see a doctor” or “go see a doctor”. You may wonder why I don’t say “go to the hospital”. In English, you don’t say you go to the hospital unless you are badly injured in a car accident or you need to have surgery. When you don’t feel well or you think you’ve caught a cold, you don’t go to the hospital, you go see a doctor. I didn’t go to the hospital. I went to see a doctor.

Now. Would you like to practice the sentence? Please repeat after me:

You should go see a doctor.




さて。今日は「医者に行く」という表現に注目しましょう。英語では see a doctor / go see a doctor と言います。もしかしたら「なんで go to the hospital って言わないの?」と思われるかもしれません。英語では、交通事故で大怪我をしたとか、大きな手術が必要だとかでないかぎり、go to the hospital という表現は使わないのです。ちょっと体調が優れない、風邪をひいたかもしれない。そういうときは、(go) see a doctor、「医者に行く」と言います。私のケースも同じ、I went to see a doctor、医者に行きました。



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