♪Miss you like crazy – 会いたくてたまらない

like crazyは日常会話でたいへんよく使われるフレーズです。基本的には口語表現で、物事の程度が「ものすごい」ことを表します。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Last week I talked about hay fever and I used the expression “sneezing like crazy“. This phrase “like crazy” is very frequently used in daily conversation. It’s colloquial, in other words, informal or conversational. It means “to a great degree” or “to an exceeding degree”.

For example, when you say you’re running around like crazy, that means you’re extremely busy. Let’s say, you go to a party. You drink a lot, probably too much. You drink like crazy. You have a long-distance relationship. You’re in New York and your boyfriend in San Francisco. You want to see him so much. You miss him like crazy.

Do you know what I want to do right now? I want to eat ice cream. I love ice cream like crazy! Oh, well. I’d better forget about ice cream. It’s very late now. Instead, I’ll give you a quiz.

I’ll read three sentences. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is NOT TRUE. Ready?

1. “Like crazy” is a colloquial expression.
2. Generally speaking, you don’t miss things you don’t like.
3. Colloquial means very formal.



先週は花粉症のお話をしました。この中で sneezing like crazy という表現を用いました。この like crazy は日常会話でたいへんよく使われるフレーズです。

例えば、running around like crazy は「ものすごく忙しい」様子を表現します。あるいは、パーティに行くとしましょう。お酒をたくさん飲みます。もしかしたら飲み過ぎるかもしれない。ガンガン飲む様子を drink like crazy と表現します。遠距離恋愛を例に取りましょう。あなたはニューヨークに住んでいます。あなたの彼氏はサンフランシスコ。会いたくて会いたくてたまらないこういうとき、miss you like crazyという表現を使います。


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