♪My car is on its last legs. – 壊れる寸前

今日は、トランプ大統領が最近のツイートで使っていた’on its last legs‘という表現を取り上げます。



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US President Donald Trump said in one of his recent tweets that Obamacare was on its last legs. Are you familiar with the expression?

If something is on its last legs, it’s in such bad condition that it will soon be unable to work as it’s supposed to. Let’s say, your car just hit 200,000 miles. It’s obviously on its last legs.

This phrase can be used for something that is not tangible like cars and phones. For example, your marriage is on its last legs. You’re leaving your husband or your wife is leaving you.

Likewise, a person who is extremely tired especially after a lot of physical activity, or who is going to die very soon, is also on their last legs. For example, you’ve just done fifteen miles and you’re on your last legs.

Now. Would you like to try a quiz? You’ll be given three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

If you are on your last legs, you are:
1. late.
2. injured.
3. exhausted.



トランプ大統領が最近のツイートで「オバマケアは on its last legs だ」と言っていました。どういう意味でしょう。ご存知でしょうか?

現在の状態がたいへん悪く、遠からず本来の機能を果たせなくなるものを、英語ではしばしばon its last legsと表現します。例えば、あなたの車の走行距離がとうとう20万マイルに達しました。明らかにon its last legs、壊れる寸前のオンボロです。

車や電話のように有形の物質以外にも使えます。例えば、破綻寸前の結婚などもon its last legsを使って表現できます。あなたが夫のもとを去るとか、妻があなたのもとを去るとか、そういう状況です。

さらに、人がon their last legsというときは、たくさん身体を動かして極度に疲労した状態や、もう命が長くは保たない状態を表します。例えば、15マイルも走った後はへとへとへろへろになるでしょう。これもon your last legsの状態です。



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