♪He stood me up! – すっぽかされた!

「約束をすっぽかす」とか「待ちぼうけを食わせる」と言いたいとき、英語ではstand someone upという表現を使います。



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

When you make a reservation with a restaurant but doesn’t show up for it, you’re a no-show. We learned that last week.

Now, you reserve a table for yourself and your boyfriend. You arrive at the restaurant five minutes ahead of time, but your boyfriend never shows. He is a no-show, and you get stood up.

To stand someone up means to fail to show up for a meeting or a date. For example, your boyfriend stood you up time and again, so you decided to break up with him. You stood your girlfriend up once, and she never forgave you. She can’t stand being stood up.

Sadly, this can happen to just anyone. If you got stood up at a restaurant, what would you do? Would you rather eat alone, or leave with your stomach empty?

Anyhow, I’ll give you an example sentence. Let’s practice together. Remember, you feel disappointed, embarrassed and upset. Please repeat after me:

He stood me up!





会合やデートの約束に現れない。「約束をすっぽかす」とか「待ちぼうけを食わせる」と言いたいとき、英語ではstand someone upという表現を使います。例えば、your boyfriend stood you up time and again、彼氏があまりにもたびたび約束をすっぽかすので、あなたは彼と別れることにしました。とか、You stood your girlfriend up once、たった一度、あなたはガールフレンドとの約束をすっぽかしました。たった一度ではあったけれど、彼女は決して許してくれませんでした。She can’t stand being stood up、すっぽかされるなんて耐えられない、という人だったのです。




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