♪Would you rather eat out or order in? – 外食?それとも出前?

eat outは家でなくレストランで食べることですが、order in、こちらの表現はご存知ですか?



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

When you’re too tired to cook or just don’t feel like cooking, would you rather eat out or order in? As you probably know, “eat out” means to have a meal in a restaurant instead of at home. “Dine out” has a similar meaning, but specifically, it means to eat dinner in a restaurant, and it sounds a little more formal than eat out.

Now, are you familiar with the expression to “order in”? To order in means to order food that is ready to eat and ask for it to be delivered to your home or work. You order in a pizza. You order in saba noodles. You order in burgers.

Personally I always prefer to prepare meals myself. I rarely order in but I do eat out a couple of times a month, sometimes with friends, other times by myself.

Anyhow, I’ll give you an example sentence. Let’s practice together. Please repeat after me:

Would you rather eat out or order in?



もうくたくたで料理なんかしたくないとか、なんだか今日は料理する気分じゃないとか、そういうとき、あなたは外食にする?それとも出前にする?ご存知とは思いますが、eat outは家でなくレストランで食べること、「外食する」という意味です。dine outも同じような意味なのですが、こちらは細かく言うと「夕食を外で食べる」で、eat outよりちょっとよそ行きの表現です。

さてorder in、こちらの表現はご存知ですか?order inは出来合いの料理を自宅や職場に届けてもうらこと、「出前を取る」という意味です。ピザを取るとか、蕎麦を取るとか、ハンバーガーを取るとか。




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