♪The answer is YACHT! – 答えはYACHTです!




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Last week, we talked about a silent B in plumber, bomber, climber. Remember?

There are many more words in English with silent letters. For instance, the words knock, knife and knee all begin with the letter K although you don’t hear it. Autumn, column and condemn all end with the letter N but again you don’t hear it. There’s no G sound in the words daughter, right, height and weight. But when you spell these words, you’ll see the letter G in them. Listen and fasten have a silent T while hour and honest a silent H.

Now, I gave you a quiz last week. What five-letter word has a silent CH? Have you found the answer? It’s YACHT, Y-A-CH-T. A yacht is a large expensive boat used for pleasure or sport. As far as I know, yacht is the only word in the English language that has a silent CH.

Now, why don’t you try another quiz here? You’ll be given three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

1. Sunday has a silent letter.
2. Wednesday has a silent letter.
3. Friday has a silent letter.




英語にはスペルにはあるけれど発音はしない、いわゆる黙字(silent letter)を持つ単語が数多くあります。例えば、knock、knife、kneeはどれもアルファベットのKで始まる単語ですが、このKは発音しません。autumn、column、condemnはすべてアルファベットのNで終わりますが、このNも発音しません。また、daughter、right、height、weightにGの音は含まれません。でもスペルを見るとGがあります。同様に、listenとfastenには発音しないTが、hourとhonestには発音しないHがあります。

さて。先週のレッスンの終わりにクイズをひとつ出しておきました。発音しないCHを持つ5文字の言葉はなーんだ? 答えは見つかりました? それはYACHTです。Yachtはヨット、余暇やスポーツで使う大きくて高価な船です。ちなみに、私の知る限り、発音しないCHを持つ英語の単語はyachtただひとつです。



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