♪Can you describe a table? – テーブルってどんな物?【再掲載】




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Here’s another way that can help you improve your English. You can practice describing people, things or places in English. Pick something simple like a “table”. Can you describe a table in English? Can you explain what a table is to someone who doesn’t know what a table is.

Having trouble? Well, an English-English dictionary can help you. For example, my Merriam-Webster Dictionary says a table is “a piece of furniture that has a flat top and one or more legs”. Does this make sense to you?

If example sentences are given along with the definition, make sure to read them so that you know exactly what the word means and how it’s used in what context.

Try this practice every day. Pick one word a day. Remember? Practice makes perfect.

In the meantime, I’ll give you a quiz. I’ll read three sentences. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

In this lesson:
1. I’m discussing how to choose a good dictionary.
2. I’m trying to describe a piece of furniture that has a flat top and one or more legs.
3. I’m suggesting one way that can help you improve your English.



今日は、英語力を伸ばす一つの方法として、人や物や場所について英語で説明する練習を提案したいと思います。説明する対象は例えば「テーブル」などのシンプルなものが望ましい。あなたは英語で「テーブル」を説明できますか? テーブルを知らない人に「テーブルとはこういうものです」と伝えることができるでしょうか?

ちょっと難しい? そういうときは英英辞典が役に立ちます。例えば、私の愛用するメリアム・ウェブスターは、テーブルを「家具の一種で、平らな天板と一本もしくはそれ以上の数の脚を持つ」と説明しています。納得?


この練習を毎日やってみてください。一日一単語。よく言うでしょう? 継続は力なり。要は地道な反復なのです(^_-)



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