♪Grab a sandwich? – サンドウィッチを掴む?




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

I spent the whole week working with a group of business people from the US. I was their interpreter. They were on an extremely tight schedule, visiting half a dozen customers or prospects each day. We hardly found the time to even have lunch. Then, one of the gentlemen said, “That’s okay, we’ll just grab a sandwich”.

I liked that expression, “grab a sandwich”. Are you familiar with the expression?

If you grab food, you get some food quickly because you are busy. Let me give you some more example sentences. Let’s grab a bite to eat. Do we have time to grab some breakfast? Let me grab a cup of coffee.

You can grab sleep, too. If you grab sleep instead of food, you sleep for a shot time. For example, a working student may grab a nap between classes.

Now, would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

Let’s just grab a sandwich.




この「サンドウィッチでも軽く食べればいい」、元々の言い回しはgrab a sandwichでした。grabは「掴む」という意味なのですが、食べ物に使うと時間がないので「急いで食べる」となります。例文をもういくつか。Let’s grab a bite to eat. 「何かサクッと食べようか」 Do we have time to grab some breakfast? 「朝ご飯食べる時間ある?」 Let me grab a cup of coffee. 「さっとコーヒー1杯飲んでいこう」 こんな感じ。

実は、英語では「眠り」も掴めちゃいます。grab sleepは「ほんの短い時間、ちょこっと眠る」という意味なのです。例えば、仕事をしながら大学に通う学生はgrab a nap between classes、授業の合間に昼寝をするかもしれませんね。



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