♪I stayed up late watching a soccer match. – 夜更かし




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Are you following the World Cup in Russia? If you’re watching those games live, struggling not to fall asleep on duty or in class must now be part of your life.

Actually, I haven’t realized Tokyo is six hours ahead of Moscow, let alone know they use eleven different local times across Russia. No wonder you’re always sleepy, staying up late watching those games and getting up early for work. And you’re not even a big fan of football!

Well, staying up late reminds me of an English idiom of burning the midnight oil. But I think the idiom is used to mean to work late into the night, rather than watch TV until late at night. So, you just want to use the phrase “stay up late” for soccer matches.

Would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

I stayed up late watching a soccer match.



ロシアで開催中のワールドカップ、観てますか? もし生中継で見てるなら、毎日、仕事中や授業中に睡魔と戦うのが大変なことでしょう。


ところで、夜更かしというと burn the midnight oil というイディオムを思い出すんですが、これは「夜遅くまで仕事をする」という意味なのでテレビを見ていて夜更かしするようなケースでは使えませんね。サッカーの試合観戦で夜更かしする場合は stay up late を使います。



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