♪For here or to go? – 店内で食べる?お持ち帰り?

今日取り上げるのは、ファーストフードのお店で食事を注文するときに、ほとんど必ず訊かれるこの質問です。For here or to go?



Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Are you familiar with the expression “for here or to go”? If you want to say it in a complete sentence, you can say “Is that for here or to go?”

This is a question you’re almost always asked in a fast-food restaurant when you order your meal. If the lady behind the counter who’s taking your order asks this question, she wants to know whether you’re eating your meal in the restaurant or taking it somewhere else.

If your answer is “It’s for here,” then the lady will put your meal on a tray and give it to you. If you want to take it home or somewhere else, then your answer will be “To go, please”. Then she will put your meal in a bag for you.

For here or to go? You definitely want to remember this question, if you’re planning to have a vacation in the U.S.

Would you like to practice together so that you can answer this question correctly? Ready?

If you want to eat your meal in the restaurant, you’ll say:

It’s for here.

If you want to take it home, then you’ll say:

To go, please.



For here or to go? という表現をご存知でしょうか。完全なセンテンスにするなら Is that for here or to go? です。


あなたが (It’s) for here と答えれば、(これは「店内で食べる」という意味なので)店員さんは注文の品をトレイに載せ、あなたに渡してくれます。自宅などに持ち帰る場合は To go, please と答えます。店員さんは注文の品を紙袋やレジ袋に入れて渡してくれるでしょう。

For here or to go? アメリカで夏休みを過ごそう!と考えているなら、是非覚えておきたい表現です。



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