♪How would you like to pay? – お支払はどうされますか?




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Let’s say, you’re visiting San Francisco. You go to the supermarket, get a shopping cart, put a bottle of water, dental floss, some apples and vitamins in it.

When you’re ready to pay, you go to the checkout. Then the person behind the counter, or the cashier, may ask you “How would you like to pay?” If you don’t understand the question, just ask “Would you say that again, please?” Or more simply, “Excuse me?” or “Pardon?” Most likely, the cashier will rephrase the question and say, “Cash or credit?”

If you want to pay in cash, just say, “I’ll pay in cash.” If you want to use your credit card, say “I’ll pay by credit card.” You can also say, “Can I pay by VISA?” or “Do you take Mastercard?” The cashier will say “Sure,” swipe your card and you’re done. Thank you, have a nice day.

Now, would you like to practice together. You have two sentences today. Please repeat after me:

How would you like to pay?
I’ll pay in cash.




さてお支払い。レジ(英語ではcheckout)に行きます。レジ係の人(英語ではcashier)がこう聞いてくるかもしれません。How would you like to pay?(「どのような方法で支払いますか?」という質問ですが)質問が理解できなくてもあわてない。こう聞き返しましょう。Would you say that again, please?(文字通り「もう一度言ってください」です。)あるいはもっと簡単にExcuse me? とか Pardon me? でもかまいません。十中八九、レジの人は言い方を変えて同じ質問を繰り返してくれるでしょう。Cash or credit? 「現金で払いますか、それともクレジットカードで支払いますか?」

現金で支払いたい場合は、I’ll pay in cash でOKです。クレジットカードを使う場合は I’ll pay by credit card と言います。Can I pay by VISA?(「ヴィザカードは使えますか?」)とか Do you take Mastercard?(「マスターカードは使えますか?」)と答えることもあるでしょう。レジ係は「もちろんです」といってクレジットカードを読み取り機に通し、お支払いは完了です。どうもありがとうございました。ごきげんよう。



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