♪Look who I bumped into! – ばったり会いました!




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I don’t really follow tennis but when Naomi Osaka became the first tennis player born in Japan to win a Grand Slam championship, I welcomed the news especially when the whole nation was getting fed up with bad news in sports like bullying and harassment by those in power, although, as pointed out by many, Naomi’s victory was somewhat overshadowed by Serena Williams” row with the umpire. But I think she handled the situation elegantly and charmingly.

This past weekend, Naomi was interviewed by a U.S. TV show and right after that she posted a comment on Twitter, saying “Look who I bumped into” with a picture with Djokovic.

To bump into someone means to meet someone you know unexpectedly. Naomi and Djokovic bumped into each other. Their meeting wasn’t planned. It was totally by chance.

Now, would you like to try a quiz? You’ll be given three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

I bumped into my old friend when I went to
1. his house.
2. the supermarket.
3. his wedding.




そして先の週末、大坂選手は米国のテレビ番組に出演したすぐ後、Twitter に Look who I bumped into(こんな人に会っちゃいました)というツイートをジョコヴィッチとのツーショット写真といっしょに投稿しました。

bump into は知人と「偶然出くわす」という意味の慣用表現です。大坂選手とジョコヴィッチ選手は互いにばったり出くわしました。会おうねと約束していたわけではなく、まったくの偶然でした。なので bump into を使っているのです。



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