♪Put it on my tab. – お勘定はまかせてね




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

Are you familiar with the expression “to put it on my tab”, which is most likely to be used in bars and restaurants?

So, what does this phrase mean?

A tab is a bill, to begin with. A bill is a written list showing how much money you have to pay for services you’ve received, or in this instance, for the food you have ordered from the kitchen.

And let’s say, you and your friend are in a restaurant for lunch, and your friend says to you, “Hey, order whatever you like and put it on my tab”. It means your friend is buying you lunch. He or she wants to pay for whatever you eat for lunch there. Nice, huh?

So, next time you want to treat someone lunch or buy them a drink, because they’ve been nice to you or helping you a lot, why don’t you use this phrase and say, “Have anything you want, put it on my tab!”

Now, would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

Put it on my tab.



今日は put it on my tab についてお話します。主にバーやレストランで用いるイディオムです。


まず、tab は bill のことです。billは請求書、勘定書きのことです。

例えば、友人といっしょにランチに出かけました。友人があなたに言います。「何でも好きなもの頼んでいいよ。ここは私が払うから」 put it on my tab は「私に払わせて」に相当する表現です。ランチおごるよ、支払は私に任せてください、という意味です。うれしい話です。

今度、いつもよくしてくれる友人、手助けしてくれる友人とランチに出かけたり、飲みに出かけたりしたら、ぜひこのフレーズを使ってみてください。「何でも好きなもの頼んでいいよ。Put it on my tab、お勘定はまかせてね。」



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