♪stock up on – 買いだめ




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Japan increased its consumption tax earlier this month, for the first time in five years, raising the rate from 8% to 10%. The new rate applies to nearly all goods and services, although most food and beverages are exempt from the hike.

So, did you do a lot of shopping ahead of the price hike? Did you rush out to stock up on toilet rolls and toothpaste, beauty supplies, or pet food? As I mentioned earlier, for most food and beverages, the rate remains 8%, but they don’t give a break to your pet’s food.

Myself? I’ve just stocked up on some cosmetics, as well as beer and wine.

Finally, before I let you go, I want to make sure you know what the phrase “to stock up on” means and how to use it. To stock up on something means to buy a lot of something in order to keep it for when you need it later.

Now, would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

We stock up on canned food when they are on sale.




ところで皆さん、増税前にあれこれお買い物をしましたか? トイレットペーパーとか歯磨き粉とか、化粧品やヘアケア用品とか、あるいはペットフードとか。先ほど言った通り、ほとんどの食品と飲料の税率は8%に据え置かれますが、ペットのご飯は軽減税率の対象ではありません。


最後になりましたが、stock up onというフレーズについておさらいしておきましょう。stock up on something は「後日必要なときに使うため、何かを大量に買っておく」という意味で、いわゆる「買いだめ、買い置き」のことです。



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