♪I have a stiff neck. – 肩こり




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

I spend many hours in front of a computer screen a day, perhaps 6 to 7 hours, could be more, from Monday through Friday, sometimes even on weekends. As a result, I suffer from a stiff neck, a stiff back and stiff shoulders constantly. It’s an occupational hazard.

So, let’s look at this word “stiff” today. Stiff means firm or hard. If you are stiff or part of your body is stiff, your muscles hurt when they are moved

Now, when you learn a new word, you want to make sure that you learn how the word is used in different sentences. For example, I have a stiff neck. My neck is stiff. I have stiff shoulders. My shoulders are stiff. I feel stiff in the neck, or I feel stiff in my shoulders. You can do some exercises or do some stretches to relieve your stiff neck or shoulders.

Now, would you like to practice together? I’ll read two example sentences, so please repeat after me. Ready?

I have a stiff neck.
My neck is stiff.





新しい言葉を学ぶときは、事例を見ながら、その使い方をマスターすることが大切です。例えば、「肩(首すじ)が凝る」と言いたいときは、I have a stiff neckやMy neck is stiffと言います。I have stiff shouldersやMy shoulders are stiffは「肩の関節のあたりがこわばって痛い」ときに使います。I feel stiff in the neckとかI feel stiff in my shouldersのようにfeelを使って表現することもできます。運動やストレッチをすることにより、relieve your stiff neck or shoulders、首筋や肩関節の凝りをほぐすことができます。



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