♪She has a thing about dirt. – エルサは潔癖症?




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

The story of Elsa and Anna is being continued in Frozen II. It just opened last week, and is now playing in theaters across the country.

Today, and in the next couple of weeks, I want to go back to Frozen I, and review some words and phrases we learned from the first episode.

If you remember, Anna’s sister, Elsa, wears the gloves all the time and Anna says, “Maybe she has a thing about dirt”.

When you have a thing about someone or something, you like them very much or dislike them very much, but often can’t explain why.

For example, John has a thing about Mary. He thinks he’s in love with her. Now, Mary has a thing about flying. It really scares her. In other words, she hates it when she has to travel by air.

Now, would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

I have a thing about flying.






英語では「よく理由は分からないんだけど、この人が何か気になる、とか、これが好きでたまらない」というとき、しばしば、have a thing about someone/something というイディオムを使います。

たとえば、ジョンはメアリが気になってしかたない。きっと自分は彼女が好きなんだろうな、と彼は考えている。英語では has a thing about Mary で表現します。そのメアリは、has a thing about flying だという。飛ぶのが怖くてしかたがない。つまり、彼女は飛行機でどこかへ行くのは大嫌いということですね。



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