♪It’s a long story. – 早い話


It’s a long story.




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

I’m going to talk about a television ad today. It’s a commercial for a baking company. The ad is in English with Japanese subtitles.

It begins with a voice-over narration saying “it was a small shop in a port town”. Ring any bells? Then you see a girl in the shop making a sandwich. She serves it to the customer who happens to be an English gentleman. He has a bite and says “Delicious!” and asks “What’s your secret?” The girl says “It’s a long story“.

It’s a long story” is an idiomatic phrase. When someone has asked you about something that has happened and you don’t want to explain it to them because it takes too long or it’s too complicated. Then you can say, “It’s a long story”. It can be a polite way of saying “I don’t want to tell you”. So, when someone says it’s a long story, it may sometimes be a good idea to drop that conversation right there.

Now, would you like to practice together? Please repeat after me:

It’s a long story.





話せば長くなる」英語でもそのまま、It’s a long story です。ある事が起こり、その事について誰かに訊ねられたとします。話が長くなるとか内容が込み入っているとかで、訊かれたあなたとしては説明したくない(^^;) そういうとき、慣用句的にしばしば使われるのがこの表現、It’s a long story です。「言いたくない」を丁寧に言うときに使われることもあります。何かを訊ねて It’s a long story(ときに「いろいろあったんだ」とか「事情があってね」のような日本語が充てられます)と言われたら、その会話はそこでおしまいにするのが無難な場合もあります(^^;)



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