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A recent post by Business Insider, which is one of my favorite business publications, talks about how Japan has been dealing with the pandemic. The title of the post says “Japan avoided a lockdown by telling everyone to steer clear of the 3 C’s”.

Instead of a complete shutdown, Japan has been taking a 3C’s approach to tackling the COVID-19. Unlike in Paris, London, New York and many other cities around the world, in Japan, we were never forced to stay home, even when the state of emergency was declared. Instead, we’ve been asked to do so, and encouraged to avoid “confined” spaces with poor ventilation, “crowded” conditions, and “close” contact with people.

Now, I’m sure you can imagine how these three words are translated into Japanese, as they are critically important to prevent coronavirus infection.

Anyhow, I’ll ask Kaori to share the link to the page on our website.* So, take a look if you’re interested.

In the meantime, why don’t you try a quiz? Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

With the 3C’s approach, you are encouraged:
1. to speak closely to each other.
2. to travel in a crowded train.
3. to avoid a crowded room with little ventilation.







これら confined、crowded、closeがどんな日本語に翻訳されるのか、みなさん、もうおわかりですね。新型コロナに感染しないためには非常に重要な要素ですから。(「密閉」、「密集」、「密接」しない!)


BUSINESS INSIDER – Japan avoided a lockdown by telling everyone to steer clear of the 3 C’s. Here’s what that means.



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