♪phrasal verbs – 句動詞

look upやlook downなど、動詞に副詞や前置詞がついたものを「句動詞」といいます。元の動詞とは違う意味をもつので、別個の動詞として覚えましょう!



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Many verbs in English are followed by an adverb or a preposition or even both, like pick up, turn on, and get on with. They’re called “phrasal verbs”.

A phrasal verb generally has a meaning which is different from the original verb alone. For example, the verb “look” can be used with different adverbs and prepositions to form different phrasal verbs, such as look up, look down and look around. And “look up” and “look up to” are completely different in their meanings, and so are “look down” and “look down on”.

That’s why it’s so important to treat each phrasal verb as a separate verb. So, whenever you come across a phrasal verb and you can’t guess what it means, don’t be lazy and do make sure to look it up in a dictionary.

No practice, no quiz today. Just stay home, stay safe and protect others. See you next time.



英語の動詞の多くは、後に副詞や前置詞、あるいはその両方を従えています。たとえば、pick upとかturn onとかget on withなどです。これらは句動詞(フレーザルバーブ)と称されます。

一般的に、句動詞は元々の動詞単体での意味とは異なる意味を持ちます。たとえば、lookという動詞はさまざまな副詞や前置詞と組み合わせることにより、多様な句動詞を形成します。look up、look down、look aroundなどですね。そしてlook upとlook up toの意味はまったく違います。同様に、look downとlook down onの意味も異なります。




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